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Write End-to-End tests in Node.js quickly and effortlessly that run against a Selenium server.

Set up of Nightwatchjs

The Set up of Nighrwatchjs is easy. You can set up nightwatchjs with the help of below steps.

Install Nightwatch

Refer steps for installing http://nightwatchjs.org/guide#install-nightwatch

Note: Make sure set runner globally with adding the -g option after npm install.

Install JAVA

Refer: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-java-on-ubuntu-with-apt-get

Download and start Selenium Server

Refer steps for starting and running the Selenium server http://nightwatchjs.org/guide#running-the-selenium-server

Note: For best practice, running Selenium Automatically with changing perameter in configuration file.


"start_process" : true,


Base Configuration File of nightwatchjs

Nightwatchjs follows a folder structure for running the test

  1. Tests Folder- For running the nightwatchjs tests, you have to create a folder in your project e.g. tests (if folder your name is different, change the name in configuration file accordingly)
  2. ConfigurationFile- Create a file with name of nightwatch.json. Place all code of configuration file from http://nightwatchjs.org/guide#settings-file
  3. Reports Folder- It will have all reports of Tests.
  4. Selenium jars file- selenium-server-standalone-2.45.0.jar.
  5. globals.js file- Place global.js file in project folder.
var HtmlReporter = require('nightwatch-html-reporter');
    var reporter = new HtmlReporter({
        openBrowser: true,
        reportsDirectory: __dirname + '/reports'
    module.exports = {
        reporter: reporter.fn

Install nightwatch html reporter

Refer: https://github.com/jls/nightwatch-html-reporter

Done! Now, Write your first script

Now, Select any editor(IDE) for writing your test script.

Your first script

Refer: http://nightwatchjs.org/guide#writing-tests

Running your test script

Before run your test script. Make sure selenium server is running.

For Checking the server status, open this page in any browser http://localhost:4444/selenium-server/driver/?cmd=getLogMessages

It will show you a 'OK' message on web page if server is running otherwise show 'Unable to connect'

Run Test:

Go TO your Project Folder in your system --> Run command- nightwatch -- test folderName/testfileName

e.g. [email protected]:~/eclips-workspace/night-watch-setup$ nightwatch --test tests/title.js