Functional Testing

Check if a site function properly.

Two main categories:

  1. cross-browser (css/js front-end perfection)
  2. single-browser (raw functioanlity tests)


  1. Selenium
  2. Node.js based


Selenium node.js
Tests are written in JAVA Tests are written in nodejs
Complicated to setup Much easier to setup
Tools are finalized Exacts tools are yet to finalize

Node.js based options

List of tools

  1. phantomjs - just a browser
  2. - has too many features and still not much talked about. Need to check why?
  3. karma - from Angular JS team. They have one more
  4. nightwatchjs - another famius tool

Evaluation criteria

  1. Do we need unit tetsing in nodejs?
  2. Do we need cross-browser testing in nodejs?
  3. Cookie/session support
  4. File upload support
  5. AJAX support

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