Why this book is created?

To help newbie learn WordPress in a practical way. The goal is not only to teach WordPress coding but take everyone through complete journey of WordPress.

How this book is different than other WordPress books?

This book is more like handbook. Collection of best practices, code-snippets and links to other tutorial/books/resources.

Less stress given on theory. Focus is not to cover every WordPress functions. Idea is to help a new developer get familar with complete lifecycles. Idea is to teach how to solve problems in general rather than trying to present a solution to every problem.

What is org structure?

This book is managed by wpveda - a virtual organization on github - https://github.com/wpveda/ . You can see it's members in sidebar.

How to become member?

Start contributing to this book as well as other wpveda projects - https://github.com/wpveda/

Who is behind this book?

The people who love like solving WordPress problem with quality and elagance.

Can I place ads or affilaite links in books?


Can I sponsor hosting?

No. This book only needs cotributors time and knowledge. Money is not needed. Not even for hosting (we will soon move content on github-pages, till then it's hosted on a CDN acount with spare unused balance which was getting wasted anyway.)

Will this book remain free?

Of course, yes. The skilled WordPress developers this book will help create is much more valuable.

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