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(time: 4 hours)

This is most important and smallest section this book.

You must NOT proceed without following instructions in this chapter.


  1. We assume you know meaning of word 'blog'. If not, please get familar with it.
  2. Start a blog on WordPress. If you do not have a domain and/or webhosting, just start a blog on wordpress.com
  3. Write your first blog post. You can write what you know about WordPress so far!
  4. After your first blog post, make sure you write daily atleast one blog post about whatever you learn. If you learn nothing, it's fine to simply write "I learned nothing today! :-)". Writing is more important than learning.
  5. If you miss a day or two, its fine. Just ignore missed days. Write today.

Why so much stress on writing!

  1. To become a real WordPress Guru (Expert), the most basic skills you need to have is to know "how to use WordPress".
  2. Like cars are supposed to be driven, WordPress is used supposed to be used for writing.
  3. Like you can't learn driving by looking at cars, you can't learn WordPress by just having a look into dashboard (admin-area).
  4. If you don't write on WordPress, you will not understand the user-perspective. If you don't understand user-pespective, you will not feel same about their problems.
  5. You don't have to worry about your spelling or grammtical mistakes. Enjoy writing. Enjoy writing as you enjoyed playing games in school. Did you compare your game to the best gamers? No, right! Now why are you comparing your writing with others.
  6. You are writing for yourself. Yes, you can keep your blog private. But trust us, you will never regert keeping it open!


Write often. Write daily. Write after each chapter. Keep writing.


  1. useful resources to setup a blog on wordpress.com
  2. guide to self-hosted free WordPress


  1. Create a WordPress blog
  2. Post an article it
  3. (rtCamp only) Share in #random on rtCamp Slack
  4. (rtCamp only) Add your blog feed to #feeds on rtCamp Slack

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