QA Guidelines

This doc is related to change in the process of our work culture. It doesn’t mean our current process is not good. We are modifying this for minimum effort and maximum result.

We’ve created some guidelines for improving our work process which will help us.

Some points, will help us, are as follows:

  • Good Morning:
    When we will come office, List out our all pending/assigned tasks in one place like AC ticket or any TO-DO app. So that we can manage the work through out the day.

  • Status of Project:
    When we leave office, update the status of all tasks you did on that day over a respective slack channel.
    e.g.Help Manual- ABC is in progress and completed 70%, Testing of ABC theme is going on, and completed 50%.
    This will help PM to update the project-status to upper management OR Client and also it will be helpful while creating task map for next day.

  • Estimated Time:
    Ask the time limit and priority of the task assigned to you. Test according to the time given by PM, It will help you to set mind map for the task.

  • Specify the Reason:
    In any circumstances, if the tasks take extra time, like slow of net speed, problem in system performance etc then please specify in related project ticket and do time entry separately asnon billable. It will help the management for checking the solution.

  • Create Test Plan and Mind Map:
    How happy you will be when a new project or a new product comes your way. Yes it is good when you are ready to learn new things in new project. In this situation take some time and create a test plan, analyze the project scope, the objective of the project, how it will be usefull for the client and end user.

    It will help you to create a better test plan. Discuss this test plan with project manager and developer, might be very important module is leftover from your eye.

  • Test Summary:
    Always create a Test Summery after the end of testing. Summary will be in a paragraph/number format.


    • Tested the theme and taken 10 hrs for this.
    • Project was very interesting due to use of new plugins etc. Faced some new type of bugs(if any). Most of bugs ware related to Spacing/UI. No major issue ware found in this project.
    • Faced some problem due to inconsistency of the design, random changes by client or lack of explanation of requirement…..etc
  • Enhance your skills:
    If you are free and going to read any article/new things then ask to our PM/Seniors once and specify what you going to do. Might be they could help you for better resource and comment on tickets too, because next time when any body explore any thing which you have already learned, it will be helpful to them.

  • Use application, Don’t test Application:
    Always try to use application as end user's point of view and mark issue you faced at the time of using application. Motive of testing is make to application perfect not to create the list of bugs. If user is happy with application, it means application is tested properly and vice versa.

  • Handling Multiple Projects:
    Many times you face multiple project are running at same time and both are on high priority. Task is running simultaneously, developer change the code and asked tester to test the change. In this scenario if you refuse the task for some time, it will loss the developer’s time as well as delay of project.

    In this case, create different-different test environment for the project. Means if you are working on Project ABC, open all tabs/links/tickets on chrome and for Project XYZ, open all related links in Firefox. Setting up the test environment again and again takes more time as compared to complete the task.

    A lot of time can be saved if a separate environment is dedicated to each of project.

  • When to stop testing:
    As we know testing is never ending process. Set the time limit and number of bugs for each module. Create the test cases list, execute all cases. Think.. It is ready forclientend user? if you get answer “Yes“. Stop testing.

We will update this time to time. Feel free to share your suggestions and points. You are most Welcome.

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